This beautiful library by Li Xiaodong Atelier is nestled in the small village of Huairou in China. Its interior features plenty of cozy nooks and crannies to read in and great care was taken with the exterior to make sure that it would blend with its natural surroundings. I really want to hang out there even though I can’t read a word of Chinese. They’ve gotta have some picture books, don’t they?


Dead Hollywood by Matt Busch

When the outbreak spreads, zombies will dine on the innards of rich and poor alike, but when the Zombie Singularity inevitably happens, is it a stretch to think that the plague could also infect our favorite films? Matt Busch has been zombifying classic movie posters for years, with several new one recently hitting the cyber shelves. A select few can be purchased at his online store.

Artist: Facebook / Twitter (via: If It’s Hip It’s Here)